Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This week we did a lot of intercambios (exchanges), which is where we switch companions for a day.  A cool experience to work with other missionaries and to see how they teach.

This week we found another family to teach.  Sadly, we also lost an investigator - he wasn't ready yet.  In this life, we are given our agency, the ability and blessing to choose how we want our life's story to be written.  As missionaries, and as representatives of Jesus Christ, we have to learn to respect that, no matter how much we know the gospel will help bless the lives of everyone.

The family we found is incredible!  They are so in tune with the spirit already, and I can not wait to begin teaching them more.  Yesterday we taught them the restoration, and the spirit was so strong. So grateful for the blessing of finding them, and to be able to get to know them. 

We have so many cool families in the area.  Great investigators and great everything.  Honestly more grateful that anything to be here, to grow, to learn, to be alive.  And what's more, with all of these hills, I feel I will be able to climb Mt. Everest after my mission.  

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