Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Enjoying an iguana meal...
Well-  saying goodbye has never been easy, and I don't think it ever will be.

Yesterday we received news about the new transfers, and regretfully I am leaving Mogambo.  Leaving the Coast of Colombia to go to a place a little bit cooler, well, cooler as in less hot than this oven than I've been enjoying for these past 3 months.

Sincerely I'm very sad to be leaving this beautiful area because I sincerely feel that I have come to love this people.  This ward, the members, and the investigators have all made Mogambo one of the most beautiful areas that I have ever seen.

I will be very sad to leave those with whom I have worked, prayed and fasted for.  I also know that this sadness comes with the calling of being a servant of the Lord; and nobody says that being a missionary is easy, because this is one of the hardest parts.

This Saturday, I found myself praying for those investigators whom we are teaching - that they may be able to attend church the next day.  In doing so, I focused on the love I had for them and the desire I had for them to be blessed with the beloved gospel of our Savior.  Then it dawned upon me ever so slightly - a sudden thought, that all this love that I have for these people, including my hopes and desires that I have for them, will never nor ever could equal the love, the hope, and faith that our Father has for them.  I know that the work of salvation is in those loving, caring hands of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

 As I write this letter, I find myself fighting tears, as I realize more and more that time has come again to say goodbye to those I've come to love.  I am so grateful for the blessing that I have had to know my brothers and sisters here in Mogambo.  I will continue to fight for them in faith and humble prayer that they may receive strength to continue forward  with faith in this marvelous plan of salvation.

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