Wednesday, July 27, 2016

He Knows Our Needs
We were able to see the Lord's hand again in our work this week.  We'd been searching for a ward member who the missionaries had not been able to locate or visit for ages.  We tried and tried, but could not find her house with the information we had.  It was getting late and we were getting very tired.  As we searched, we ran into some other members and they showed the house where she lived - it was a house that we had passed by multiple times.

As we visited with her, she began to cry.  She told us that she'd been praying that the missionaries could visit her to give her a blessing of health.  In that moment, as we felt the Spirit fill the room, we knew then that the Lord had guided us to find her and to visit her on this day.  The feeling was so strong as we placed our hands on her head and gave her the prayed-for blessing.

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